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Lectures are perhaps the easiest and most efficient vehicle for the propagation of new ideas to a non-specialized audience, such as students, postgraduates and the large number of researchers of lateral fields whose keen interest in the subject is non adequately supported by their previous training. Their main drawback, the smaller capability of diffusion with respect to printed matter, is now widely overcome by the possibilities of the web as an easy means for broadcasting lectures worldwide.
  Accordingly, we have thought it right to insert a selection of Six Lectures on the Nature of the Hydrogen Bond derived from the contributions delivered at various meetings and schools from 2006 to 2012 to promote our ideas on the nature of the H-bond and the many practical applications that can stem from them. To notice that the lectures are conceived as independent and self-sufficient items, so that a number of topics may turn out to be treated in duplicated but slightly different forms in different places. The small differences  simply reflects the various stages of evolution of our research as well as an inevitable spreading of opinions among  different speakers.

Six Lectures on The Nature of The Hydrogen Bond
Edited by Gastone Gilli in collaboration with Paola Gilli, researcher of Physical Chemistry at the University of Ferrara, Italy
  Paola Gilli and Gastone Gilli 2012

Lecture 1 (34 slides)
Download as PDF(838KB)
Introduction to the Hydrogen Bond: Basic Concepts and Summary of Our First Studies from 1989 to 2002

Lecture 2 (39 slides)
Download as PDF(1,634KB)
RAHB (Resonance-Assisted Hydrogen Bond) and TSHBT (Transition-State Hydrogen Bond Theory)

Lecture 3 (28 slides)
Download as PDF(659KB)
CAHB (Charge-Assisted Hydrogen Bond) and PA/pKa Equalization Principle

Lecture 4 (38 slides)
Download as PDF(971KB)
The Dual H-Bond as a Chemical Reaction: A Basis for a Comprehensive H-bond Theory

Lecture 5 (46 slides)
Download as PDF(996KB)
H-Bond Patterns in Nature: A Gallery of Functional H-Bonds

Lecture 6 (30 slides)
Download as PDF(1,067KB)
Merging the Hydrogen Bond with CT (Charge-Transfer) or EDA (Electron Donor-Acceptor) Interactions

The Dual Hydrogen Bond Web Site

  Gastone Gilli 2010 2012